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PortraitI am a skilled software engineer with years of experience designing and developing web applications in the workplace and as a volunteer. My work spans a large audience, from volunteer work on student use web applications for LeTourneau University Student Missions and church site deployment, to work for Texas area economic development corporations and social media integration with Cypress Interactive. Most recently, in my work for Rockwell Collins, I have performed software integration of military avionics platforms, including providing input on systems architecture and design decisions.

Drupal Development

In my time with Cypress Interactive, I have programmed and tested several Drupal site launches. I have implemented multiple content types, varying theme styles, and written custom modules for use on client websites. My development for Drupal spans versions 5 and 6, and I have made extensive use of many common modules for Drupal deployment (CCK, Views, ImageCache). I have also developed custom Drupal modules, including one implementing the Twitter Search API to display custom search feeds.

Web Standards

As a maintainer of existing sites and as a student with great interest in software engineering principles, I place high value on standards-based development. All of my browser code meets W3C standards, and I have adopted coding conventions that should be easy to read, write, and maintain. My experience with MVC frameworks includes the development of a testing application in CodeIgniter, maintenance of sites running CakePHP and CodeIgniter, and the deployment of my own minimal MVC framework.

Database Design

I have experience designing and implementing MySQL relational databases for Drupal installations and standalone applications. I have taken a course in relational database design at LeTourneau University, and all of my database designs emphasize normalization and optimization of table design.

Last updated - Dec 26, 2012